Toyota brings in the Camry once again

Added: 03 July 2018

Toyota is widely regarded as one of the best car manufacturers out there, and the best part about it is that it can deliver some distinct results and benefits that you can enjoy. The best part about this is that we finally have the Camry back to Europe due to that. The last time it was in Europe was around 14 years ago. In addition, we will have some changes to the regular model too, which is nice.

The 2018 Camry is longer than the Avensis with around 5.7 inches shorter. It’s also bringing in a 4.9 inch longer wheelbase too. But the thing to note here is that the car will have 2.5 liter hybrid powertrain. This is mostly due to the European registration and other similar conundrum that comes with the new regulations.

The European taxes are favoring cars with less than 2 liters, so having a larger and more powerful Camry does make a lot of sense in this regard. The thing to keep in mind is that some countries are ok with this approach, others do not agree with it. So it does make a lot of sense to adapt and adjust to all of this in meaningful ways.

What we don’t know exactly is where the Camry will be assembled, and if it will be coming from outside Europe or if there’s a factory that handles this in Europe. The Avensis is assembled in Derbyshire in the UK, however Brexit did make this process a lot more cumbersome.

Considering this, the Japanese car maker will most likely try to find some UE country that fulfills all the requirements. It’s definitely a very important thing to keep in mind and it can totally provide you with some distinct features no matter the situation.

Either way, it’s super nice to see that the Camry is coming back to Europe once again. Some people were expecting it for many years, so having this vehicle back is pretty exciting. Of course there are some people who find this to be way too hard, but that depends quite a lot in the end. The focus has to be on managing and adjusting everything in meaningful ways. That’s not going to be easy for the European market which had quite a lot of alternatives to the Camry. But we will have to wait and see until later this year until the car comes back to the market.

It may very well come with a lot of advantage and a unique set of benefits, and in the end that can be super exciting and rewarding. We hope that the Camry will be a successful one, considering how much market share Toyota seems to have nowadays. We really have to push the boundaries and adjust as well as adapt to the entire experience. It’s definitely important for Toyota to have a successful European launch for the Camry. And considering the current signs, that may very well happen soon!

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