Nissan Releases the First Picture of Nissan Leaf and People are buzzing about it

Added: 22 May 2017

Nissan’s next generation Leaf is one of the most awaited vehicles of the year along with the Tesla Model 3. They have recently started a new campaign to excite the fans with the hype ahead of the unveiling and the initiation of production later this year.

The Leaf, still is the bestselling all electric vehicle all over the world with over 260,000 units delivered. However,the sales have been lacking during the past few years and other vehicles have taken over. Since Nissan is something people look up to, they are looking to recreate the vehicle’s success story with a completely refreshed and improved2018 model.

Next-gen Leaf prototypes have been spotted over the course of past few months, while the final production version is expected in September for deliveries by the end of the year under the 2018 model year. The vehicle’s design is expected to be significantly updated with the Nissan’s V-motion grille and removal of headlights that looked like bugs’eyes.

Talking about the headlights, the first teaser image has been launched and the new campaign appears to be of the vehicle’s headlights. The campaign has been mentioned as “The new #Nissan #LEAF. Coming soon”.

The 2017 Leaf broke the 100 mile mark last year after Nissan’s new 30 kWh battery pack made its debut. However, the next generation is anticipated to feature a 60 kWh battery pack. This battery pack will enable the vehicle to break the 200 mile barrier on a single charge.

Nissan is also aiming to compete with theChevy Bolt EV and the Tesla Model 3 for buyers in the market for all electric vehicle that is long ranged and available in less than $40,000. The company has also confirmed in the earlier part of the year that the next generation Leaf will feature its ProPilot like that in Tesla known as Autopilot. This technology is the driver’s assist system which will make the car more equipped.

According to the sources, Nissan will keep releasing the pictures throughout the summer and this series will continue till the proper unveiling of the next generation Leaf in September. In the meantime,the company has discounted all the current all electric Leafs which according to analysts, is a great way to earn their fan base. You can also check with your local Nissan dealer if they have Leafs in their warehouses.

The new Leaf will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and it is anticipated that it will pose a serious challenge to the other electric vehicle manufacturing companies. Only time will tell how this vehicle performs, but for now, it has totally amazed everyone. 

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