Nissan Leaf Open Car

Added: 12 July 2018

One of the toughest things for car lovers is to find the best car models that they can enjoy and use. The problem is that finding a good and reliable convertible is pretty challenging. Either the prices are too high, or you have to avoid some important features just to own a convertible. But the reality is that they released the Nissan Leaf Open Car right now, and this model seems to be one of the better options in this regard.

The reason why Nissan created this is because they sold their 100000th Leaf in Japan. So this is a celebratory unit more than anything else. This is pretty much a Leaf with its top cut off in order to bring in front some really nifty benefits. For starters, the unit is very easy to use and adapting it to your own needs is super easy at this time. Yet on the other hand, there are some adjustments they opted here, with the rear doors being sealed. That doesn’t mean there are major problems here, but as a whole the outcome can indeed be among some of the best out there.

The unit is not a production one, at least not for the time being. They did create quite a lot of models here, but nothing to show that the car may enter production soon. It’s important to note that the unit also has a much larger back seat. Adding that makes a lot of sense, since you want to enjoy the beauty and excitement offered by the convertible. It certainly delivers exactly the type of stuff that you need from a product like this, and the return on investment can be more than ok all the time.

It’s a missed opportunity honestly, as the Nissan Leaf Open Car would definitely sell very well on the market. Still, we don’t know if they may reconsider this, it all comes down to what people will say about the vehicle and how it will be received, even in its limited format.

That being said, they also retained the rear hatch, which is quite an interesting thing for a model like this. Even if the Nissan Leaf Open Car might never come to the market, we do expect some version of this to appear at one point on the market. The idea is that everyone would love such a car, and them not opting for a good vehicle like or some variant of it would be very bad. Sure, in the end it’s up to Nissan to choose.

However, if they do decide to make the Nissan Leaf Open Car a production vehicle, it will pretty much be a success and it will provide some great moments and exciting benefits for sure. In the end the thing that matters here is that Nissan is open to convertibles. And even if this is not the ultimate model they will create for the consumer market, they might have something up their sleeve!

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