Nissan Drums Up Anticipation for 2019 Altima with Special Edition One Model

Added: 15 May 2018

Nissan always does a very good job with its luxury models and there was a rumor that there will be a 2019 Altima Special Edition. There’s a new version of this vehicle, and the SE will actually come with some really good stuff. This includes a few visual changes and some extra services, as well as some exclusivity bits and pieces here and there.

It seems that there will be only 3900 cars produced in total. This SE will have a turbocharged 2 liter, 4 cylinder model and a variable compression ratio which adds up to 248 HP and 273 lbft of torque. In addition, the car will go with 19-inch dark gray wheels, identifying badges, side sills illumination, ground lightning and a rear spoiler.

It actually makes a lot of sense to create a special edition for this type of unit, and the best part is that you can obtain some very interesting results. There will be 3 colors to choose from, black, white or red. These are actually quite impressive, and there’s definitely a lot of cool stuff to be had due to that.

The color combinations are interesting, and it seems that you will also have added bonuses like an Amazon Echo Show unit integrated in here and so on. Of course, the price will be a bit higher, so not everyone will be able to acquire all of that. It’s just a tremendous opportunity to have these things, and in the end it’s just well worth checking it out if possible.

They also add a 3-year free concierge service for the 2019 Altima, not to mention you can easily make dinner reservations and stuff like that from within the app. It just makes a lot of sense to explore all these options, and the return on investment will be a good one for people interested in the vehicle.

Of course, the extra price may not be worth it for some people. Which is why there will be a regular 2019 Altima model. Although that model will lack some of the extra features, in the end it’s not that big of a problem. There are plenty of great benefits and features as it is in the regular car.

What we don’t know is the type of colors they will have for the regular 2019 Altima version. Most likely there will be other colors, or at least one of them will remain available for the special edition. In the end, that’s the thing that matters the most here, the fact that you have lots of great value for your money anyways and the vehicles are very interesting to begin with.

There’s no note of the 2019 Altima price, but people expect it to be around $20000. The special edition is set to be around $25000 or a bit less. The price difference is definitely there, so you really need to think about the features and identify the potential options as you go along.

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