Kia Cadenza What Has Kia Changed In Its Second Generation Flagship?

Added: 17 October 2017

Luxury is usually associated with car brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche etc. Kia is recognized for being a more reliable, economical car brand than luxurious. This was until Kia launched the second generation model of its flagship Cadenza in 2017. Since its launch, it has managed to create its own league of near-luxury sedans that have so much to offer and is successfully in the lead. Let’s take a look at its significant features.


A Z-shaped light emanates from the daytime running lights. Same is used in the tail lamps LEDs. It gives a quite swank appeal to the car, however, it is not very practical. You will notice irritating shadows projecting ahead on to your path. 


The Cadenza we tested for this review, was from the SXL trim stock. It had a white interior package. The car seats wore nappa leather in ivory color. It had a quilted diamond stitched bolstering. It was equipped with a leather-trimmed dashboard in matching color. The headliner was in microsuede material in ivory shade. The door panels were also in ivory. We did however thought that it looked a bit similar to a Mercedes-Benz, given to the metallic silver, faux wood and black accents in its interior. In the evening, you can also enjoy the interior LED lighting that lightens up your car in a bright white shade.


Kia has added an additional half inch of legroom while the volume for rear seat passengers extends up to 46 cubic feet. However, it is still less than the 49 cubic feet offered by Toyota Avalon, which may cause hairsplitting in the rear seats, but Cadenza is perfectly suitable to fit passengers who are above 6 feet tall. Front seat passenger volume increases by 2 cubic feet from before and is now at a total of 105 cubic feet.


The overall length of the car is exactly the same as the previous model. However, the wheelbase is a bit longer. Following the Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer’s philosophy of “straight line simplicity”, Kia has introduced a single crease on the body side that runs through the vehicle’s length. Clean body panels give a new stylish look to the car. Kia’s signature “tiger nose” grill features at the front, with a concave version. You can get the “diamond butterfly” trims like other Kia cars, however, there is a new grille with vertically oriented blades called “Intaglio” which was available in our test car.


The gadgets, safety features and technology available in the previous models are all available with the SXL version. Some of the safety features include;
·  Warnings for forward-collision and blind-spots.
·  Warnings for cross-traffic in the rear.
·  Assistance for lane changing.
·  Cruise control and more.

Gears and Power

The interior and exterior experience of a Cadenza is more pleasing than actually driving it. In order to increase the fuel economy of the car, Kia has reduced its 3.3-liter V-6’s output to 290 horsepower and its torque to 253lb-ft. It does increase fuel economy but at what cost? 

Kia Cadenza may not be the frontrunner in power, but it does provide a good overall experience which makes it a good investment. It definitely is a big step up from the previous model.

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