Can Stinger GT become the best KIA yet?

Added: 06 July 2017

There are lots of KIA cars that people love a lot. Sportage would be a very good example, mainly because it offers great features and performance. On the other hand, you have CEED which is very good for driving around town with your family. But the Stinger GT is promising to become one of the best KIA models at this time. Can it succeed in this quest and if so, what type of challenges will you have to face?

One of the best designs out there
Despite being a model focused on the sports side of things, the Stinger GT still looks amazing. It manages to integrate just about all the nice features you want from a sports vehicle, all while keeping a pretty low fuel consumption. And yes, these things can be extremely important most of the time.

Size is crucial
The wheelbase for the Stinger GT is around 4 inches longer when compared to a similar BMW. This makes it stand out on the road. At the same time, you have a distinct visual appeal and your car is bringing in quite the presence on the road, which is important at all costs.

Plenty of space in the back
A lot of people have problems sitting in the back of modern vehicles. Thanks to its large size and interesting build, the Stinger GT comes with a lot of real estate that you can use to stay comfortably within the car and enjoy the ride as you see fit.

One of the few KIA cars with European influences
KIA did use BMW and other European cars as an influence. And it shows that. The visuals are very good, and the performance is similar to the one offered by a BMW unit. So yes, it looks amazing and the value that you can get in the end is well worth your time and effort, that’s for sure.

Created for enthusiasts
Unlike other KIA cars, the Stinger GT is created solely for enthusiasts. Things like V6 engines, 3.3 V6 and 365 HP may not sound like much, but they are amazing for enthusiasts. So, it can be pretty clear the type of customers that KIA wants for the Stinger GT.

A really good grip
The best thing about Stinger GT is that it has a very good grip. You will see this especially at the very high speeds, as that’s when you get the best possible results for sure. It’s a great way to explore all these great options and the outcome is quite rewarding for sure.

It’s easy to see that Stinger GT does a very good job at trying to cater to the enthusiast market in here. And for the most part, it does a fantastic job. You will have to try and take your time as you adapt your driving style with this, but as a whole, you will be quite impressed with the way the Stinger GT drives and how good it feels on the road! So yes, this may be one of the best KIA models yet! For used Kia's and other Trini Cars for Sale please check our website for the latest vehicles on offer. 

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