A 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser costs around $200000

Added: 28 February 2018

There are some situations when even the less expensive cars can cost a fortune. That’s the case for the 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser, which someone customized to the point where it costs around $200000. Why would you put so much money into a vehicle? As you can imagine, a lot of people would do that out of passion, and it does make sense from some perspective. But it’s still excruciatingly expensive, and you have to take that into account.

The restored FJ43 is among some of the best vehicles out there as it has a total cost of $210000 and it includes a huge array of options and unique benefits that you will enjoy quite a lot. What did cost so much? They basically modified just about everything they could, while also keeping most of the unit original. Things like this are very hard to do, but they actually managed to eliminate some of the unwanted stuff to make the car more appealing and interesting.

They did focus on creating custom live axles for the front and rear, as well as 17 inch wheels which are also a great addition to the unit. The suspension is new too, and the fact that the suspension shifts based on what you attach is extremely important to take into consideration here.

Safety is always a concern when you modify a car. And in this case, you will notice that the car has six seatbelts, 4-wheel disc brakes and so on. There also seems to be some sort of ABS assistance. For now the restored 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser is a prototype, but the production models will have it for sure, so it’s really interesting to see this.

The hydraulics system are a whole lot better too, something that you would have to expect from a car like this. It does make sense to use such an approach, and the return on investment is really huge because of that reason alone. Also, they did a very good job at making it easy to drive. You do have 4726 pounds that you have to move around, so it’s no small feat. But for some reason everything is meaningful and it works exactly the way you would expect. It doesn’t fiddle that much, instead everything works exactly the way you would expect and it’s bound to bring in front some outstanding ideas and unique notions to the table.

The interior is very cool too, they added only quality materials and it even feels more spacious for some reason. Another thing to note is that you have wide custom pedals as well as a five speed manual, which won’t be changed.

The car looks cool, it has lots of unique features and it’s set to bring in front a lot of unique features and options. If you want a modified 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser, then it’s a very good idea to give this a shot, as it may very well be worth it.

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