Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Trinidad and Tobago

If you have a new or a used car then you will certainly need car insurance. Car insurance can cover you for many different things, so it is important to know what you are purchasing before you make your final decision. You should also take note that some policies may be more affordable when compared to others, but they might not cover you for the same repairs. For example, one policy may cover you for breakdown and collision and another may cover you for standard repairs only. There are plenty of companies that offer car insurance and many of them are more than happy to take on your vehicle.

Different Coverage

If you purchase a used SUV or car then you will need to take out a different insurance policy when compared to someone who has a motorbike or a HGV. Many companies will give you a quote for your car insurance before you take it out with them but if you have a history of collision or if you have points on your license then you may face a higher monthly charge when compared to someone who has a complete clean record. When your insurer is drafting your policy, they will take into account how old your car is and many other external factors. Many used cars come with a guarantee for a certain amount of time, so if your car breaks down during this time your mechanic will replace the required parts free of charge. This won't protect you against collision however, so for this reason it is always important to get an insurance policy that covers this if you want to avoid repairs in the future.

Trinidad and Tobago have plenty of insurance providers available allowing you to shop around and get a great deal. can assist you with this.